Data Centre Consultancy

Convergent Technology  provides a complete range of specialist data centre consultancy services. These cover the full life span of a data centre from RIBA Work Stages A to L and can include one or more of the following: requirements analysis, site selection, project feasibility studies, both high level and detailed design, project management, optimisation of existing systems, end of life planning and renewals.

Our in-house data centre consultancy teams will work with you in a capacity that most suits your organisation’s needs. By uniquely tailoring our data centre consultancy services offering we can provide full design and project management for your data centre’s delivery, or seamlessly integrate with your own internal teams to provide knowledge and experience where it is missing or requires enhancing. We can apply our extensive knowledge and industry experience to ensure your data centre design and deployment meets and exceeds the objectives and goals set for it.

The early stages of any data centre project, whether it is a refresh of equipment, relocation of a facility or complete new build, are the most important. Thorough planning and consulting ensures the elimination of risks and inclusion of all requirements from the outset.

Establishing criteria such as final day IT capacity, cabinet densities, phased growth and system protocols are just some of the requirements that will set a foundation for all design specifications moving through to the project’s delivery. Making sure these are correct from the outset will help control costs and ensure a fully flexible, fit for purpose, data centre infrastructure platform is delivered.

For many data centre managers and IT professionals having the opportunity to access Convergent Technology’s 30 years of operational and deployment experienced consulting has huge benefits.

Why Engage with a Data Centre Consultancy Specialist?

Data centre design, construction and operation is a highly specialist industry. The early consultancy and planning stages set a foundation for the stages that follow. Getting your project’s requirements, drivers and constraints properly established will save your organisation time and money.

Although data centres include many disciplines that are found in more traditional forms of construction and building services their mission critical nature and uptime demands make them very different. Working with Convergent Technology  and benefiting from our 30 years specialist experience will ensure your project achieves the objectives and goals set out for it.

Our experienced and specialist in-house teams have been brought in to many consultancy projects where clients have found their non-specialist mechanical and electrical consultants are struggling with the requirements of a 24/7 mission critical facility. In these cases time and money has been wasted developing designs and/or locations that are either unsuitable or behind current best practices.

In our experience areas where non-specialist consultancies struggle are; conforming to Tier levels and achieving concurrent maintainability, achieving class leading energy efficiency, value engineering design without compromising resilience and creating cost effective phased expansion strategies. If any of these elements are important to your data centre, start your project with a partner that has the proven history of design excellence.