Data Centre Audit & Risk Analysis

These two areas, data centre audits and risk analysis provide the business and management team with an understanding of the condition, capabilities and risks associated with all aspects of the data centre’s design, operation and management. By investigating the physical infrastructure, financial aspects (both overall income and expenditure), governance (both organisational and building) and management responsibilities, a full picture, with any risks identified can be presented.

This information provides a foundation that all future decisions and business development strategies can be influenced by. Gaining a deep understanding of all the risks that are associated within your organisation and its data centre infrastructure


As with any review process, it is one of controlled discovery, using the tools of interviews, workshops, milestone meetings, and finally the presentation of findings and operational strategy deliverables.

Areas investigated include, but are not limited to, Companies House data, Dun and Bradstreet searches, web searches of company officers e.g. Linked In, engineering drawings and asset register information, site visits and inspections of site operational documentation. The end result will, subject to the brief, include a total facility audit and investigation of the organisation, governance, viability, technical capability and life expectancy of the facility.

The above would reveal technical, financial and organisation risks which would then be categorised by probability and impact, with recommendations presented for mitigation.


A data centre audit/risk analysis can be delivered in either a formal report, or as a presentation, depending on the organisation’s style and culture. The document is designed to be part of a ‘living’ process that is subject to periodic review to incorporate inevitable changes in the organisation and data centre, and allow for updating of previously identified or new risks.