Data Centre Requirements Analysis

RIBA Design Stages A & B

Establishing your data centre requirements, drivers and constraints is the first step before embarking on any data centre design. Understanding exactly what is required of the facility in terms of capacity and performance, what is driving the project in terms of business goals and objectives, and what constraints are affecting its delivery and operation is key.Establishing this information at the beginning of a relocation, refurbishment or construction project will save time and money. The end result will also be more inline with your organisation’s future plans, aspirations and their data centre requirements..

Whether your data centre is serving your own company’s internal business systems, support systems on behalf of your clients or is rented as white space to third parties, making sure all influencing factors have been evaluated and addressed will ensure success.

Our Pre-Sales and Design Consultants use a proven methodology to assist clients in establishing this information.


The Requirements Analysis Process (RAP) is carried out by Convergent Technology’s in-house Pre-Sales and Design Consultants. All project and facility stakeholders are consulted. During the process questions are asked with the result of defining the project’s drivers, constraints, risks and requirements.

This has two major benefits; firstly the facility can be designed with all influencing factors taken in to consideration. Secondly all the key stakeholders reach agreement and consensus on what these factors are.

As a fast and efficient means of getting all stakeholders’ input Convergent Technology have developed the Requirements Analysis Workshop (RAW). This is a 1 day workshop, usually held at the clients’ premises, and is attended by all interested parties including IT, Estates, Facilities, Finance and any other stakeholder for the project. It allows the whole team to discuss the project and provides a best practice approach to risk assessment and requirements gathering before commencing with the data centre design.


The RAP/RAW will provide you with a detailed report covering the following:

  • Data Centre Physical Requirements
  • Drivers
  • Constraints
  • Risks

Although this output is delivered after each RAW the exact content can be tailored to each individual client’s or project’s needs resulting in a comprehensive document that sets the foundation for the next step of your facility’s development.

The Requirements Analysis Process incorporates the first two stages of the Prince2 project management model and together with the output from the High Level Data Centre Design will form the Project Initiation Document.