Data Centre Tender Documents & Evaluation

Our data centre tender document creation and evaluation service takes your project through RIBA Work Stages G & H. Many organisations, especially those in the Public Sector, use a formal tender process when approaching the marketplace with a data centre design and build project. Over the years we have experienced many different data centre tender documents; often these are unwieldy and contain irrelevant and subjective information. This makes replying to them for potential contractors, and assessment, by the awarding authority much more difficult. Often the decision making process takes longer than planned by the awarding organisation and this has an impact on the project’s timely delivery.To avoid this situation we offer a Document Creation and Evaluation service.

Our Design Teams will work with you to produce a simple and concise tender document that is thorough, detailed and objective. The document clearly states the project’s drivers, constraints, requirements and assessment criteria. This makes it easier for potential contractors to understand what needs to be achieved, it greatly reduces the number of contractor questions and clarifications during the tender stage and makes assessment by your team easier, quicker and more robust.

As part of this service we provide assistance with the assessment of the tenders once submitted by contractors. Again we will work closely with your team to aid them in their evaluation and ensure they pick a contractor and solution that is fit for purpose, meets project and organisational objectives and provides value for money.


Our Design Consultants will work with you to establish the requirements, drivers and constraints of the project. Once this information is gathered we will create a performance specification for your tender document.

By stating the requirements, drivers and constraints but not prescribing a specific design solution potential contractors are free to produce their own designs. This can result in more innovative solutions being submitted and the use of leading edge technologies the client may not be aware of. If a high level or detailed design has already been produced the tender document can be shaped around this solution. This approach can be advantageous to certain clients and on certain projects.

The tender document and scoring criteria are objective, making it easier to evaluate the data centre solutions and contractors, and ensuring your team makes the right decision.


After meeting with our Design Consultants you will receive a Performance Specification, Technical Requirements Document and Evaluation Document.

Once tenders are submitted our Engineers and Consultants will work with you to evaluate the contractor submissions. When complete you will receive a further document, scoring the contractors design solutions, project methodologies and overall submission. A further meeting will take place between your internal evaluation team and Convergent Technology  to discuss the results.

With the successful contractor selected the data centre project is ready to start and we can provide Client Representation and Project Management throughout the construction phase. Once complete we can provide witness testing and commissioning services for the new facility to ensure the works completed meet the criteria.