Data Center Design Services

Future-Tech offers a full range of data centre design services from RIBA Work Stages C to F. From initial conception and high level data centre design through to detailed design, work book creation and equipment specification. This design services offering allows you to benefit from our 30 years experience and multi award winning track record.

Since 2009 our designed data centres have been recognised 11 times for design excellence and innovation from independent organisations such as the Uptime Institute, DataCentreDynamics and the British Computer Society. At Future-Tech we are very proud of our award winning data centre designs.

We use a data centre design philosophy that is built on establishing the requirements, drivers and constraints that surround a project or facility. This philosophy is proven to produce design excellence that consistently raises the bar in terms of data centre performance and resilience.

Our Design Engineers and Consultants have developed a huge variety of data centre power and cooling design solutions. Our vendor neutrality allows us to select the products and solutions that best overcome and meet the constraints and requirements of our clients and their projects.

Over the last five years our in-house designed data centres have provided over 2 million hours of data centre services. During this time they have delivered better than 99.999% uptime and availability.

Although resilience is often the primary driver for most data centre designs, energy efficiency is also vitally important. Our Design Services Teams work within the specific constraints of a project to deliver class leading energy efficiency whilst maintaining resilience.  We have designed true Tier II and III facilities that deliver proven annualised Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) ratios of below 1.18.

By engaging with our Data Centre Design Services Teams you can benefit from our extensive experience and specialist expertise. We can either work independently of your organisation to deliver design services packages or integrate seamlessly with your organisation’s in-house teams to provide support and experience where it is needed.

By working in an open and collaborative way we consistently provide design solutions that exceed the business objectives and goals set for them.  Our combination of experience, expertise, passion and enthusiasm results in data centre designs that are truly innovative, flexible and at the industry’s cutting edge.

Our Design Teams have also visited and audited many third party data centres and we have incorporated that experience into our own design philosophies.