High Level Data Centre Design

Our high level data centre design service takes a project through RIBA Work Stages C and D. Once your project’s requirements, drivers and constraints have been established our in-house data centre design teams will create a high level design and specification.This information will be presented in a document that can be used as part of a detailed business plan, feasibility report or strategy document. The high level data centre design document can also be used to progress your project through to tender stage by forming part of your Invitation to tender document (ITT).

High Level Methodology

Your data centre design project will be assigned a Design Team which will be made up of Mechanical and Electrical Data Centre Design Engineers. It may also include other data centre design specialists such as Data Centre Operations Consultant, Communications and Connectivity Design Consultants, Architectural Design Consultants, Auto CAD Designer Engineers and Project Managers.

Every project will commence with a Project Initiation Meeting where the team will discuss your project’s requirements, drivers and constraints. If we have worked with you to establish these already the consultant that delivered the Requirements Analysis Process (RAP) will also be a member of this Design Team.  If these requirements, drivers, constraints, objectives and goals have not yet been established we will work with you and your project’s key stakeholders to establish them.

With this information the Data Centre Design Team will to establish the most suitable mechanical, electrical, and architectural solutions. As Convergent Technology is vendor neutral we are able to assess all of the data centre solutions in the marketplace and rate them on there ability to meet your project’s specific parameters; requirements, constraints and drivers. When a preferred solution has been selected the team members will then work on their own specialist areas to create high level schematics, specifications and drawings. During this time the Team regularly meet to discuss their progress and ensure their individual elements will combine successfully, creating one single system that integrates perfectly.


The final High Level Data Centre Design Document will include a performance specification together with plan drawings and 3D conceptual renders of internal and external areas. As well as the data halls the drawings will include other essential areas such as plant rooms, network operation centre, plant compounds and office space within the overall facility itself. It will also include electrical and mechanical schematics illustrating the data centre’s infrastructure topography, resilience and redundancy.

If there are a number of suitable design solutions these will be outlined and presented in a table showing the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will advise which is our preferred solution, give the reasons for our choice and explain how it best meets with your project requirements, drivers and constraints.

Within this High Level Data Centre Design Document we can also include associated budget costs, potential project program, energy consumption figures, staffing requirements, operational overview and more, depending on your needs.

Combined with the output from the consultancy phase the High Level data Centre Design can be used to create the Project Initiation Document to manage the whole project cycle under Prince2 or other project management structures.