Data Centre Facility Management

Convergent Technology  provides a comprehensive range of data centre facility management services. These include fulltime on site presence, data centre remote monitoring, planned preventative maintenance, emergency 24/7 response, diagnostics and trouble shooting, equipment servicing, capacity planning and facility improvements.

Our specialist data centre facility management teams work closely with our clients to support them and their facilities. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s IT and Estates/Facility Management Department and to provide a resource that understands the pressures and drivers experienced by both very different parts of your organisation.

For many of our clients we attend interdepartmental meetings to represent the “data centre”. This can help with capacity planning and equipment renewals as well as changes in IT architecture and deployment. By having a “foot in both camps” we ensure any changes to your data centre happen smoothly with no impact on services. By using our extensive experience of real life data centres combined with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling we can simulate IT deployments and changes in physical infrastructure. This gives you confidence by eliminating risk.

Having Convergent Technology  responsible for your data centre you can also benefit from our knowledge of the most up to date best practices and advances in power and cooling technology. By tailoring and commissioning your data centre’s infrastructure to the specific IT load we help reduce energy costs and the associated CO2 emissions. Regular assessments of capacity and utilisation means you get the most out of your equipment and ensure it is being operated in a way that most benefits your organisation.

For more than 30 years we have provided data centre facility management across many sectors throughout the UK and mainland Europe and from South Africa to Russia. In that time we have learnt how to support our clients and provide the services that benefit them and their organisations most. Over the last five years we have provided over 2 million hours of data centre services. In this time we have maintained better than 99.999% uptime.