Capacity Planning

Understanding your data centre’s capacity is important no matter what size facility you operate. Understanding how much “U” space you have available is one place to start; however there are many areas that can impact on the amount of “U” you can utilise. Your data centres capacity is more often determined by the power and cooling or network capabilities rather than the physical space.

Getting an accurate picture of your data centre’s entire infrastructure will allow you to operate your facility more effectively and efficiently. If power is your limiting factor, ways can be identified to free up capacity allowing you to add more servers if needed. If cooling is the limiting factor, air flow and system set points can be altered so your air handling units provide more duty. This is why data centre capacity planning is essential for any new or existing project.

These alterations and changes can often be carried out at little cost. This may extend the life of your current data centre facility or even negate the need to extend or relocate. If your business is co-location, freeing up capacity may allow you to rent more cabinet space or power and increase revenue.

Capacity and Size Methodology

The first step in providing a capacity report is to have a meeting with one of our Pre-Sales or Design Consultants. During this meeting they will establish where your capacity choke points are, how your data centre operates, what problems you are experiencing and where you need to create more capacity.

After this meeting the Convergent Technology representative will meet with members of our Specialist Engineering Team to determine who should attend the data centre facility survey. Depending upon what factors are limiting capacity, one or more Specialist Engineers will visit the data centre. During the visit they will investigate the facility’s supporting infrastructure to understand where capacity can be freed and/or reallocated.


Once the survey is completed the Specialist Engineer(s) will work with a Design Consultant to produce a Capacity Report. This document will describe the data centre’s current operation. It will then provide a number of “quick wins” that can be used to help the situation immediately. Following this the document will suggest further ways of increasing capacity in the desired area of operation with any associated costs. The suggestions will also explain the pro’s and con’s of each option as well as the impact they may have on the business in terms of deployment and risk.

A further meeting is held with the client to explain the options available and answer any questions regarding our recommendations.