Equipment Supply

Convergent Technology  is a vendor neutral organisation. This means we select and specify equipment on its ability to carryout a specific function within the constraints of a particular project. Knowing and understanding the slight differences between manufacturers can make a big difference to the operation of your data centre.

Factors such as operational performance, approach temperatures, power factors and minimum fan speeds need to be examined along with regional supply security, servicing costs and parts availability. All these factors then need to be compared to the data centre projects specific requirements, drivers and constraints.

Global location, environmental conditions, budget, delivery deadline and energy efficiency are just some of the factors that can influence the equipment and manufacturers specified on your data centre project.

For more than 5 years’ we have specified, designed and supplied data centre solutions that have included equipment from a broad range of manufacturers.

We know that by selecting equipment on its technical merits we can provide better, more resilient and energy efficient data centre facilities at a lower total life time cost for our clients. Benefit from our extensive specialist data centre experience.