Integrated Witness Testing

Once your data centre’s construction is complete it should be thoroughly tested under design load conditions and commissioned for optimum efficiency. Future-Tech can assist you with your data centre testing.The testing element is vital as it will prove to you that the facility operates as described by the successful contractor during the tender phase. Data Centre testing at varying simulated IT loads will, when coupled with 10 year weather data, give you a fairly accurate prediction of the facility’s Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) ratio. This can be simulated at a variety of IT loads, such as 20%, 40%, 60%, etc, and should provide the same, or better, results than that stated by the contractor at tender stage.Whilst the facility has a test load installed full systems failure tests should also be simulated. These will include, but are not limited to, data centre mains power failure, UPS failures, AHU failures and generator failures. Again this testing will prove that the facility provides the level of resilience and redundancy stated by the build contractor, and that this redundancy will cope with systems failures.

Having an independent, highly qualified, third party such as Future-Tech managing the testing will ensure you get the data centre you expected, and paid for.

Witness Testing Methodology

Prior to the facility data centre being ready, for testing we will assign a data centren Integrated Witness Testing Team. When we have designed the facility, this team will comprise of the original Design Team members plus Mechanical and Electrical Servicing Engineers. We use the same team as they are familiar with the design parameters and fully understand how the facility should operate.

If Future-Tech did not design the data centre, we will assemble a team made up of a Lead Data Centre Design Consultant, an Electrical Design Engineer and a Mechanical Design Engineer. A request will be made to receive copies of the original tender specification document, successful contractor’s submission, construction drawings and schematics. The Integrated Witness Testing Team will evaluate the information then submit a method statement and test documentation to you for approval. Once the test procedures and criteria have been agreed the testing can be arranged.

During testing representatives from the principal contractor and client should be in attendance. The written Testing procedure will have been provided by Future-Tech well in advance of the tests taking place, thus giving the contractor ample opportunity to simulate the test conditions before witness testing. During the formal witness testing the Future-Tech design team will take note and make observations. Should there be any issues our team will work with the contractor to resolve them while all parties are in attendance.


A formal Data Centre Witness Testing Report will be provided for the client. This will show the IT loads used for simulation together with the power consumed, the instantaneous PUE and a projected annualised PUE at each percentage of final day load. It will also state all simulated failures and the results, and will cross reference with the original tender document and performance specification. If there are elements of the data centre that have not met specification or have failed during testing these will be high lighted with recommendations for resolving the issue.
A management summary will be provided stating the equivalent Tier rating of the facility data centre and the anticipated uptime resilience level.