Data Centre Site Surveys

If your organisation has a number of potential data centre locations available to it understanding how these compare with each other in terms of risk, access and suitability is very important. A data centre site survey will need to undertaken.The location of your data centre can have a major impact on the cost of its construction, the solutions utilised within it and ultimately how profitable / cost effective it will be to operate. Elements such as energy efficiency, security, power and communications connectivity will all be influenced by the data centres site location. Accessibility for staff and/or clients will also be affected and these are all factors that need to be evaluated and considered before choosing your data centre’s location.

Methodology of Data Centre

There are two fundamental aspects of the data centre site selection process. One is the physical assessment of the location covering such elements as power availability, connectivity, access, transport links, environmental threats and security. If a building already exists on the site this could also include construction type, materials and structural limitations. The second is to compare these findings to the project’s specific requirements, drivers and constraints.

Site surveys are completed by Convergent Technology's in-house Pre-sales and Design Consultants. Depending on the size and complexity of the potential installation either one or a team will visit the site(s) and carry out the detailed assessment.

Once complete the Lead Consultant, working with Design Engineers will complete a formal report.


A written report will be produced comparing the findings of the surveys with the project specific requirements, drivers and constraints. This will include pro’s and con’s of each site; flexibility, risk evaluations, capacity predictions, limitations, estimated build and operational costs, power and connectivity availability. The report can also include high level layouts, a phased expansion plan and recommended power, cooling and construction solutions.

This report will give your organisation the information it needs to choose a location for its data centre facility knowing that due diligence has been carried out and that the site best matches the specific requirements of the project. This will result in a smother, faster and more cost effective delivery