Tier Evaluation

There are currently two independent data centre tiering systems, one licensed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the other created by the Uptime Institute. Both have been developed to help data centre owner operators and users determine the level of resilience provided by a data centre facility.Although both data centre tier systems rate facilities from 1 to 4, the TIA system looks at all aspects of the data centre from layout and building construction to security protocols and redundancy. The Uptime system simply focuses on uptime and the resilience of the data centre to stay live during scheduled maintenance work and catastrophic failures.

Understanding which data centre tier system is of most use and value to your organisation is important. Many organisations create their own hybrid data centre tier standard by taking elements from both organisations’ systems resulting in a bespoke specification that helps the organisation maintain robust live services in the most appropriate way for their business and/or clients.

Our Design Consultants will help you decide which system is most appropriate for your organisation or help you create your own bespoke data centre tier system.

If you are looking to locate your IT systems in a third party’s data centre we can independently verify that their Tier rating is in line with that claimed and that their facility will provide your organisation with the correct level of uptime.

If you have engaged a design consultancy other than Convergent Technology we can assess their design to ensure that it does meet the performance and Tier Specification laid out in the design brief issued to them.

Spotting potential problems and non-compliances at the design or selection stage will save your organisation time and money. For more information also see Peer Reviews.

Tier Evaluation Methodology

We will assign a Design Consultant to your project. Once your requirements have been gathered and an appropriate Tier system selected, or hybrid created, our Consultant will review your data centre design or visit and survey your third party supplier’s facility.

If your data centre already exists we can evaluate it against the requirement and specification produced during your consultation with our Design Consultant. Should your facility not adhere to the specification we can produce an improvement strategy that will outline what needs to happen to increase your data centre resilience.


Once the review or survey is complete you will receive a Tier Evaluation Report. This document will first outline your agreed Tier or bespoke specification. It will then describe the review process and its findings. Finally the report will make recommendations, should they be required, to increase the facility’s resilience.

If the facility belongs to a third party the report will conclude with a summary of the risk, any short falls present in comparison to your desired level of resilience. This allows you to make an informed choice whether to house your critical IT systems in that facility.