Construction Management

At Convergent Technology  we have been constructing data centres and other mission critical infrastructure and facilities since 1982. We have expert and extensive knowledge of data centre construction and successfully delivered multidiscipline high availability projects globally. Our Project Managers, Site Supervisors and Specialist Installation Teams have worked together to deliver a wide range of data centres across the world. These have varied from Micro to Enterprise and from Tier I to III.

Each location we have worked in has brought its own unique construction challenges ranging from supply chain, power and personnel security to extreme solar gains, altitudes and logistical constraints. While each location is different, each data centre design has also presented unique construction and programme challenges that our teams have overcome.

Co-ordination of equipment and installation works is vital. Ensuring all construction elements are ordered and completed in the correct sequence can mean the difference between a data centre construction project being a success or a failure. Running on time, on budget and delivering a high quality installation are the bench marks data centre construction projects are graded against.
Over our 30 year history our Project Teams have always maintaining an acute focus on program and quality. Convergent Technology  has an excellent track record of delivering data centre construction projects on time and to the highest quality. Working with both international and domestic agencies like the Uptime Institute, ISO, EN and BSI means our teams always ensure our completed data centres are resilient, robust and built to the appropriate construction standards.

Using Convergent Technology  to build your data centre will allow you to benefit from our extensive specialist knowledge. The result will be a data centre that exceeds your expectations and business objectives.