Project Management Services


At Convergent Technology  we provide a range of data centre Project Management Services. These can be tailored to your own organisation’s needs and resources. From high level project planning at technical or conceptual design stages to detailed on site delivery, our Project Teams combine experience and flexibility that ensures your data centre project is delivered on time and on budget.
For more than 5 years Convergent Technology  has delivered data centre project management services across a broad range of projects. These have ranged from micro to enterprise, from Tier I to III and from improvements and upgrades of existing facilities to complete new builds. Due to the multidiscipline nature of data centre design and construction strict project co-ordination is vital. Ensuring tasks and works are completed in the correct order speeds up project delivery and reduces costs.
Correct synchronisation of work and tasks has significant affect during both design and construction. During construction the commencement of some works will be dependent on the completion of others. Equally certain tasks can happen in tandem. This is often dependent on logistical constraints and requires close coordination. Health and Safety also has an affect on the overlap of tasks and plays an important role in the overall creation of a project programme.


Our Project Managers will work with stakeholders to develop a programme that accommodates and overcomes all associated constraints. These may include restricted working hours, access, noise levels, road closures and other external factors.
From conceptual and technical design sign off, through the submission of planning applications, ordering and delivery of plant such as generators and UPS, our programmes will cover all elements of your projects.


Whether at design or implementation stage our Project Managers will create a data centre project programme that provides a level of detail appropriate to your needs. Our high level programmes show all major work processes and key milestones. Our detailed programmes often include more than 200 line items and provide granular visibility of all tasks and milestones.
The result is that your data centre project will have an accurate and achievable timeline.