Facility Monitoring

Convergent Technology  provides 24/7 data centre facility monitoring as a standalone service or as one part of an overall data centre facility management package. By using a combination of email, SMS and auto dialler alert systems we can monitor your data centre facilities.

 A vast array of information can be produced by your data centre’s environmental and building management systems. This can range from basic fault conditions on power and cooling infrastructure to full environmental monitoring such as temperature and humidity, access control and energy efficiency.

Our in-house Facility Management Team members have extensive knowledge of data centre infrastructure systems. If alerts are produced by you monitoring systems one of our data centre engineers will be notified and able to take immediate action.

Our 24/7 monitoring service uses our own in-house team along with a 3rd party call centre and cloud based communications system. This provides two independent notification systems that are totally unrelated, ensuring our service is resilient, reliable and fault tolerant.

Since 2011 Convergent Technology  has provided 24/7 monitoring services for data centres located across Saudi Arabia. Through planned preventative maintenance and good design we are continually striving to eliminate failures however sometimes they do occur. By having a knowledgeable and experienced team monitoring your data centre we can ensure your IT systems remain unaffected and live.