Operational Strategy Review

The reliable delivery of any IT service is reliant on all of the components in the ‘stack’ playing their part. The ‘stack’ starts with the data centre foundation infrastructure, comprising the electrical, mechanical and communication systems. The operation and management of these provides the underpinning through organisation, processes, and technology. The combined effect of these three elements ensures that the data centre maintains the designed availability of the foundation systems throughout its operational life.

The organisation’s culture, values and business goals are just some of the keys within the review process that will shape the outcomes of the operation strategy review.


To ensure that the data centre is meeting the design goals, the path to these needs to be established during the data centre planning and business approval processes. The Operational Strategy Review, ideally developed during the design process due to the interdependency of design and operation, ensures that the goals of what, where and why are fully disclosed and understood by the key business and technology stakeholders. Each has a contribution to the overall operational strategy; however it is only when all the differing views, requirements, drivers and business benefits are brought together, that a comprehensive operational strategy can be produced.

The process is one of controlled discovery, using the tools of interviews, workshops, milestone meetings, and finally the presentation of the findings and operational strategy deliverables.


The operational strategy review can be delivered in either a formal report, or as a presentation, depending on the organisation’s style and culture. The document is designed to be part of a ‘living’ process that is subject to periodic review to incorporate inevitable changes in the organisation. These changes will affect the strategic approach to data centre operational management.