Data Centre Fire Systems

Fire detection, suppression and prevention are a necessary part of most data centre installations. Even if an owner operator doesn’t wish to have a combination of these elements their Insurer may insist on it.Data Centre Fire systems, especially fire suppression, can add considerable cost to a data centre build project so it is important for systems to be designed as cost effectively as possible, whilst still providing the protection required.

At Convergent Technology  we have extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining data centre fire systems. We have worked with, and have experience of, the following systems:

  • FM200 gas suppression systems
  • Novec gas suppression systems
  • Argonite gas suppression systems
  • Oxygen reduction fire prevention systems
  • Water mist systems
  • VESDA early warning smoke detection systems
  • Fire rating requirements

We are able to provide a broad range of fire protection solutions for data centres and other business critical environments. By gaining an understanding of your project’s drivers and constraints we are able to select a solution that best helps you achieve your project’s objectives.

The current systems in the market place have various advantages and disadvantages. Identifying how you need a data centre fire system to operate and limit risk will help define which of these solutions is most suitable.

Once a Convergent Technology  Data Centre Design Consultant has worked with you to establish this information the options, along with their pro’s and con’s, are laid out, allowing you to make an informed decision.