Detailed Data Centre Design

This part of the design process specifies all the specific plant equipment required complete with suggested manufacturers and model or part numbers. Together with this information our detailed design service will provide you with architectural and layout drawings, including elements such as structural steel work, pipework, power and data cabling, containment, fire and security systems, equipment positions, walls, composite modular partitions, doors and other required elements. These drawings are collectively referred to as the Design Workbook.This design workbook will be accompanied by a written specification document and project program, all of which can be given to potential Construction Contractors enabling them to submit accurate quotations for the construction phase of your data centre project.This collection of information will ensure your contractors are providing quotations that can be assessed in an objective manner, with all requirements and specifications laid out clearly. It will also provide a specification that the successful contractor’s installation works can be measured against during witness testing and commissioning. This helps you control the quality, delivery and performance of business critical infrastructure.

Detailed Methodology

Your detailed data centre design will be assigned to a Data Centre Design Team. This will be made up of Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers, and data centre design specialists such as a Data Centre Operations Consultant, Communications and Connectivity Design Consultant, Architectural Design Consultant, Auto CAD Designer Engineer and Project Manager.

During the initial project initiation meeting the Design Team will go through your high level data centre design. If we have worked with you to produce your facility’s high level design and performance specification the same team will be assigned to the detailed design project. This speeds up the design process as all members are familiar with the selected solutions, equipment and topographies. If your high level design has been produced internally or by a design consultancy other than Convergent Technology  we will assess the proposed solution using your project’s requirements, drivers and constraints. Once this review stage is complete the design team will create the detailed design documents.


The output of our detailed design service is a Design Workbook, Written Design Document and Project Program.

The Design Workbook will include all drawings associated with the construction of your data centre facility. All systems from power, cooling and fire to structural, data and security will be included providing a comprehensive specification for your principle contractor to work to.

The Written Design Document will suggest manufacturer and model number of all equipment from raised modular flooring, man-trap doors and ceilings to air handling units, uninterruptible power supplies and power distribution units. The written document will also explain how the building management system and environmental controls should operate and integrate with your other data centre and building systems.

Finally the project program will provide a realistic timeline for the various phases from tender through to hand-over and will suggest project milestones and co-ordination methods to enable smooth and punctual delivery.

Once the detailed design stage is complete we can assist with the creation of your Invitation toTender documents, act as overseeing Client Representative Project Managers and provide client side Construction Design Management Coordination (CDMC) services.