Data Centre Security Systems

No matter what IT services your data centre is supporting, providing a secure environment for hardware and perhaps more importantly, the data that sits on it, is vital. The security systems that help protect your facility should, like all of the systems within your data centre, be tailored to your own organisations requirements, drivers and constrains. As we find with data centre powercoolingand construction solutions there is no “one size fits all” approach to security systems and server protection. Some of our clients operate high security facilities requiring bio metric access readers, weight measuring security portals, high definition total facility CCTV coverage and more, while others simply require card swipe access linked to their existing house system. Getting the balance right will ensure the correct level of protection for your business needs without wasting money on over specification.Engaging with one of our Data Centre Design Consultants and discussing your requirements will result in finding the right products and solutions. Over our 5 years history we have designed, installed and maintained many data centre security systems and solutions.

Data Centre Security Systems and Solutions

  • High definition closed circuit television cameras
  • Infrared / night vision CCTV systems
  • Security portals up to class 4 EN 1627:30 (2000)
  • Anti tailgating devises
  • Smart access control systems
  • Biometric access systems
  • Video and speech access systems
  • Swipe card access systems
  • Pin access systems
  • Hybrid access systems
  • Motion detection
  • Optical detection
  • Vehicle control systems
  • Perimeter Security Fencing
  • Electromagnetic screening

We are experts in all aspects of data centre security systems and server protection. Access control can be as simple as digital pin code locks through to sophisticated proximity card systems with biometric identification. Systems can be stand alone, building wide or even global, providing monitoring and protection to your organisation’s assets throughout the world. These systems can monitor and control everything from perimeter vehicle site access down to each individual data cabinet door.

CCTV is now a standard specification within most data centres however like all data centre solutions the correct level of specification needs to be selected in accordance to your needs. This can range from simply covering the data hall and plant area access points to total cabinet coverage, where a photo is taken of any face that opens any data cabinet from within the cabinet itself.

We will work with you to establish the potential security risks associated with your data centre and what consequences a breach could have to your organisation. By using a risk vs. impact matrix the correct data centre security system specification can be developed.