Portable & Containerised Data Centres

Portable and containerised data centres can provide the perfect solution to certain environmental and logistic challenges and constraints.Being highly mobile allows you to deploy such solutions in temporary locations. Relocation can be completed within very small time windows. Depending on their specification modules can also be totally “self-sufficient” in terms of power and cooling.Initially developed for military deployment in the field, portable and containerised data centres are being adopted by other organisations such as NGOs, Oil and Gas exploration and Communications Providers to name a few. Although these organisations are different to military institutions such as the Saudi Army they are selecting portable and containerised data centre solutions because there deployments are subject to many of the same drivers and constraints.Other organisations that deploy data centres in less demanding and challenging environments are also finding suitability in these solutions. Organisations that have run out of space in their current buildings can sometimes find space for a relatively self-contained unit, the size of a shipping container, externally and this can provide an effective solution. Others who are currently based in short term locations can also benefit from the mobile nature of the facilities.

Like all data centre design and deployment what should be focused on is the drivers, requirements and constraints of the project in question. We have worked with clients who have been convinced a containerised solution is correct for them. However on thorough investigation there have been alternatives that have better match their true needs. Equally there have been others that a containerised solution has been ideal for.

If it is established that such a solution is correct for your particular deployment there are now a growing number of containerised data centres in the market place. Many can be customised to suit your particular requirements.  Most have pro’s and con’s compared to each other and selecting the correct solution once again comes down to having a firm understanding of your specific drivers, requirements and constraints.

Convergent Technology  is totally vendor neutral; we have a detailed understanding of the different systems in the market place and how they compare with each other.  We can help you define your project’s specific drivers, requirements and constraints and help you gain an understanding of what solutions are available. If a containerised or portable solution is right for you we can assist you in going to market and selecting the right one.