Data Centre Refurbishments & Upgrades

Data centre refurbishment projects often present many challenges. This is for two fundamental reasons. The first is that many refurbishments take place while the data centre itself remains live which can result in the works presenting significant risk to the uptime of live services. The second is that refurbishments are often hindered by more physical constraints than most new build projects. These constraints can include the positions of existing equipment or infrastructure services, as well as working space and access.

What is key to the success of a data centre refurbishment is that all the project’s drivers, requirements and constraints are clearly defined before any solutions or methodologies are decided upon. As with all data centre projects these fundamental elements often determine the correct approach and final data centre solution. Establishing these fundamentals at the start will save you time, money and most importantly limit the risk to any of your live IT services.
Over the last 5 years we have designed, project managed and delivered a wide variety of data centre refurbishment projects. These have ranged from upgrades of power and cooling infrastructure to complete facility redesigns and fit outs. During all of them we have worked with our clients to consistently deliver state of the art data centres with minimal impact on their day to day business operations.

Most of these projects involved maintaining live systems while the refurbishment works took place.
On many projects this is achieved without any interruption of services although on some occasions controlled and planned shutdowns are unavoidable. In either case, having tried and tested methodologies, thorough planning and clear communication ensures success.
You can work with Convergent Technology  in a number of ways depending what best suits your organisation, its resources and your project. From initial planning and fact finding, through design, implementation and on-going maintenance our specialists have the expert knowledge to help you achieve your project goals, on time and on budget.

Our past refurbishment projects have included:

  • Free cooling upgrades to existing data centre
  • Renewal of legacy equipment
  • Complete data centre refurbishments including raised floors, complete power and cooling infrastructure, data cabinets and cabling and security systems.
  • Improvements to air flow
  • Increasing operational resilience
  • Increasing power, cooling and network capacity
  • High density computing