Data Centre Design and Build

For more than 5 years Convergent Technology has provided turn-key data centre design, build and on going management services to many organisations across a variety of Saudi Arabia locations. During this time our designed and built data centres have been recognised for innovation, resilience and energy efficiency by independent organisations such as the Uptime Institute and Data Centre Dynamics.Our specialist in house data centre design and delivery teams will work with your organisation from project conception through to operation and end of life planning. Our extensive knowledge and experience results in data centres that are resilient, energy efficient and cost effective to both build and operate.

If there is one thing we have learned in over five years of building data centres it is that no two projects are exactly the same. There are endless permutations of layout, UPS topography, power distribution, cooling system, fire system, security system, and other elements, that can be applied. Which is best for your design and build project will depend upon a number of factors including the requirements of the IT equipment, the physical characteristics of the building, your organisation’s demands in terms of resilience, energy efficiency, expandability and life span, and of course the budget.

The starting point for every project therefore is to make sure that we have a proper understanding of your specific drivers, requirements and constraints. This can be done in a variety of ways. In some cases the client has a comprehensive written project brief and specification which contains all the information required. In other cases we are involved from the very early stages and help prepare the project brief and specification. This may involve surveying prospective sites, contacting utilities providers and/or local authorities, obtaining specifications and SLA’s from hardware suppliers, and most importantly by engaging with all stakeholders, either as a group (a fast and efficient method of doing this is with Convergent Technology's Requirements Analysis Workshop) or individually, to ensure we have a full understanding of their needs, wishes and concerns. Once this exercise is complete we will produce a holistic data centre design and build solution that provides an appropriate infrastructure platform for your organisation. We will deliver a complete data centre facility in which you will have total confidence and which will provide uptime, continuity of services and class leading energy efficiency.

We have a proven track record of delivering data centre design and build projects on time and on budget. By working with you and understanding your business we ensure your data centre project is a success.